How To Become A Responsible Citizen

A responsible citizen is a person who plays his role to make his country and the world a better place to live for others and follow all the rules and regulations that person is called a responsible citizen but some people don’t follow the rules which make others lives difficult. Acting out against injustice and fight for the justice can make a person a responsible citizen because we become selfish at times and only think about ourselves but what about the others who doesn’t have all the resources even the basic resources we should stand for them and stand for their rights. There are many things you can do which make you a responsible person and following are the responsibilities which you should take as a good citizen.

Never break the rules

If you want to be a good citizen you should always follow all the rules which are made by the government because these rules are for the country’s betterment and safety and every citizen should understand this because these policies are made for them. Some people don’t even follow the basic rules which include paying the tax on the time, following the signals and the basic rules of the driving. There are some basic rules of the driving a person should wear seat belts, never break signals and don’t drink while driving but there are some people who are alcohol addicted and they drink while driving which is against the law and count in breaking the rules they should enrol themselves in a behaviour change program drink driving institute to get rid of this habit and become a good citizen.

Always through the garbage in the bins

Some of the people don’t have the basic manners and they throw all the garbage on the street and wherever they feel like which is not acceptable because we should take care of hygiene and keep our country clean and these are the basic manners which one should have. For example, you are eating something on the street and you have the wrapper which you want to throw and you cannot see any bin around you should keep the wrapper in your pocket for time being as soon as you see any bin you should throw that wrapper in it this thing make you’re a responsible citizen.


Many companies are working to make this world a better place for everyone Drink-drive assist is one the best company who provide VicRoads behaviour change program and assist people in how to drive a car safely and how to avoid drinking while drive.