All You Need To Know About Family Day Care

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Among many other changes that we can witness between earlier ages and today’s time period, one of the biggest changes is the busy routine. Today’s age man is so busy in his daily routine that sometimes he does not even find a time to have meal with his family. This busy and tight schedule is due to the multiple tasks that a person has to perform at a same time. Life becomes even harder for the people who have to take care of their young kids and have to maintain their professional career at the same time. This is why various day care centres or family day cares have been made which are there to help you out of this situation. They offer to take care of your child as long as you are working in your office. In this article, we will be discussing everything about Artarmon family day care

Day care centre:

Day care centre is the kind of centre which offers to help your family member when you are not able to look after them for a particular time period. They provide all the basic needs to your child or disabled person or elderly person. The centre that offers their help to take care of your child or toddlers is known as child care centre or family day care. Then there are centres that provide help to take care of elderly people or disabled people and are known as old homes or nursing homes. Some center’s timings are only for day time while some offers their help for whole day and night. However, we will be particularly talking about family day care.

Family day care:

As the name “family day care” signifies that they provide their services to look after your family (children) during the day time. They offer all the basic needs to your children and take good care of their hygiene as well. There are two kinds of family day care; one family day care is the kind of centre where parents leave their child for half day while the other family day care is the care provided by the agency but at child’s own home (it is much like a day sitting). Family day care centre is more recommendable because child feels comfortable in such environment as there are other children as well along with whom he can play and have fun.


Family day care is the kind of a centre which offers to look after your child from morning till noon. However, timings can differ according to the Centre’s own terms and conditions. They provide all the basic needs to child and takes full responsibility of their safety. Proper meal, medication if needed and entertainment are some of the services that are provided by family day care. “Ekidna Cottage” not only offers to take care of your child but also enable them to learn and allow them to play.

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